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Before they buy, Fronius customers benefit from customised product demonstrations, trial installations and welding trials. This makes sure they always choose the right welding solution.


When a customer decides to purchase a new welding system, Fronius also supports them with installation and commissioning. The service packages on offer as well as initial production support provide the best possible assistance for smooth integration into the production environment. 


Fronius also offers customers professional support after their purchase. Alongside extended warranties, calibration assistance, safety inspections or repairs, there is also a wealth of options for the preventative maintenance and servicing of the welding system.


With our ”Steel” and ”CrNi” WPS packages  for manual applications, you can save up to 85% on costs* and reduce the time spent having your products certified in accordance with EN 1090. (*Assumption: based on a minimum of 5 welding procedure tests)The finished packages mean you no longer need to weld test pieces, carry out welding procedure tests and create your own welding procedure specifications.

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