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Manual Welding


Due to its wide range of applications, MIG/MAG welding is the most commonly used welding process. Synergyx offers an extensive range of MIG/MAG power sources catering to different applications and requirements.


TIG welding is a process predominantly used for material with thin to medium thickness which produces the best results. Be it on a production line or for mobile applications, there is a right solution for every application.


MMA welding is ideal for almost all metals and can be used outdoors in harsh conditions and even underwater, yielding favourable results. Synergyx offers a range of suitable Fronius equipment for both industrial and home use. Most of the MMA welding range are also equipped with TIG welding function.

Robotic Welding


Synergyx is a full-service provider and single-source supplier of robotic welding systems catered to all sectors. Fronius welding systems are designed to be compatible with all robot manufacturers.